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Trinity Pallets for Warehousing is the most economical solution available in market. All our wooden pallets are designed for heavy duty storage in warehouses. Widely used in warehouses of industries and logistic companies, these are available in different sizes. For complete assurance of quality, we duly test these pallets for their load bearing strength and ability to sustain in adverse weather conditions.

These pallets are reusable and stackable. For effective and protected storage of goods, we make sure to heat treat these pallets in accordance with ISPM standards. It has an excellent capacity to bear heavy load with no risk of damage and breakage. Made from high grade wood, these are anti termite and properly insulated.


TRINITY values very clients needs. Using the experience and knowledge accumulated over years of work, we strive to offer solutions that are most suitable to meet the needs of our clients.


Best solutions

Our packaging solutions can ensure the safety and reliability of various goods.


Cost optimisation

Our packaging solutions help customers optimise packaging, transportation and storage costs.


Stable partner

Thanks to our production capacity, we always ensure the delivery of the highest-quality products on time.


Packaging buy back option

Our customers have the opportunity to sell unwanted packaging back to us.


Environmentally friendly activities

We adhere to principles based on environmental protection.


Reliable deliveries

We guarantee timely deliveries of the quantities required by the client to any part of the world.